Are you developer ?
Yes, but I do not want to pay to release my free product
Yes, but I do not like "account ID" registrations with a lot of data about me
Yes, but I have not webstore to upload it
... so Welcome to y-our website !
Are you advanced user ?
Yes, I have new ideas to improve and I would to share it
Yes, I can help with testing or translations
Yes, I know interesting products to upload and I would like to recommend it
... so Welcome to y-our website !
Or are you just curious for news ?

This is place where you can download and share your applications.
Here are mainly applications that you cannot find on an official marketplace.

On these pages you will find just this one advertisement…

We want only a little thing... and it is just to give you the option of choice!
... so if you like it and want to support these page you can sponsor us with small donation.
These sites are not suitable for "iPeople" ... "We" is more than "I" so we welcome "wPeople" ;-)
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