Our crew and it's members:

Of course our professional team test applications in the most modern devices, e.g. HTC Kindle and use the latest technologies and development tools.

Winco (wincotv@gmail.com)

"If I´d be so badly off to let my applications get dirty by other´s advertisements, I rather stop programming."

The director of the future ... and a bit of a programmer, too.

Jermy7 (lang.roland@live.com)

The one who handles Winco's future plans

Brother Ivan

Our technical support of hardware and repair services


Graphics designer and the busiest team member


Force majeure or manager of fortuitous events


Support: support@wappstore.org
Developers: developers@wappstore.org


XBmod & Yuki, Igorh, J.Slodicka, L.Lacko, DFT, Cotulla, Sneakyghost, Luby and all others...
... and of course specially to M$ because it does not support for WP7 in Slovakia (LiveID and activation code for HD2) and forced us to develop something such this...

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